…to realign the thoughts, words and actions of people with that of the Creator. 


Wakada Forever!!!

The tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman, who died at 43 after a long, secret struggle with colon cancer on August 28, 2020, rattled me like many people around the world.…

Suicide Warning signs

When I read the story in Mark 5, the man that had an encounter with Christ Jesus was described as a man “who had his dwelling among the tombs. And…
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Life Challenge

When you finally know a little of the unknown, you either BELIEVE, that is all that there is to know or KNOW that there is a lot be known.

Social Distance

Social Distancing is the most popular phrase in the world today. Social distancing within the scope of public health, is a practice that aims to prevent sick people from coming…

Enslaved Minds

3 easy steps to enslave any Mind with subliminal ideas. Self Esteem. Make the person’s mind believe that there is something, someone or someplace out there necessary for the person…

The Mission

Through the writings on this blog, the thoughts, words and actions of the readers may be realigned with that of the Creator. 

My Values

  • Love is Kind to the helpless.
  • Love Inspires the fearful.
  • Love Nurtures the doubtful.
  • Love Delights the weary.

I Believe

  • GOD is  Love.When we think, speak and act Godly, we HEAL and not HARM one another.
  • The thought of God is continually Loving and every recipient is responsible for extending it to the neighbors.
  • One’s life is shaped by one’s thoughts. Thoughts are unspoken words and words are spoken thoughts. Every action taken starts from a thought. When one’s thoughts are appropriate,  the actions will be appropriate.
  • Everyone is responsible for the source of the thoughts and eventual actions emanating from the thoughts.

My Vision

To see everyone within the space of my influence, realign their thoughts with the Loving thought of God, speaking and acting with the  intention to heal and not harm one another at home, work and play. When we understand that,  we will eventually get what we give, we would be careful to fore-give and readily fore– get.

Olukemi Onigbanjo

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