…to realign the thoughts, words and actions of people with that of the Creator. 


Self Accusation

You are not infallible.  You want to do something good but you end up sabotaging your good intention. You decide to do good, but  you don’t really do it; You decide not…

Self Acceptance

We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. Your weakness is your limitation. When you dwell consistently on your limitations instead of your strengths, you will end up believing that…

Focus on Self

“And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his several ability…”;  (Mat 25:15 KJV)


In those moments of Despair, some avoided you, some appeared to have the solution but made matters worse, and for some, you wished they never knew you were in despair.…

Don’t Compare

It is okay have a Mentor, who inspires you to be the best of who you are. Have an ambition to be your very best and not to become like…


In Life, you have 2 types of friends that can potentially influence you: Those who are CLOSE to you because of what they get from you and those who are…

The Mission

Through the writings on this blog, the thoughts, words and actions of the readers may be realigned with that of the Creator. 

My Values

  • Love is Kind to the helpless.
  • Love Inspires the fearful.
  • Love Nurtures the doubtful.
  • Love Delights the weary.

I Believe

  • GOD is  Love.When we think, speak and act Godly, we HEAL and not HARM one another.
  • The thought of God is continually Loving and every recipient is responsible for extending it to the neighbors.
  • One’s life is shaped by one’s thoughts. Thoughts are unspoken words and words are spoken thoughts. Every action taken starts from a thought. When one’s thoughts are appropriate,  the actions will be appropriate.
  • Everyone is responsible for the source of the thoughts and eventual actions emanating from the thoughts.

My Vision

To see everyone within the space of my influence, realign their thoughts with the Loving thought of God, speaking and acting with the  intention to heal and not harm one another at home, work and play. When we understand that,  we will eventually get what we give, we would be careful to fore-give and readily fore– get.

Olukemi Onigbanjo

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