Relationships Building (or Destruction) Guide

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Reading the Parable of the sower in Mark 4:1-9, inspired my writing on Relationships.

A Relationship is not just an emotional and sexual association between two people. It is the connection between two people and how the behave toward each other. You can have a relationship with a spouse, parents, children, siblings, friends, co-workers, insurance agent, Pastor, Imam, Rabbi, etc. Not all relationships are romantic in nature.

You can contribute to either the building or destruction of your relationship with anyone based on how you communicate Trust, Commitment and your Vulnerability. Communication is the exchange of information you have with someone.

Trust is having the confidence or reliability, in someone. You communicate trust by saying things like, “I am here and there for you, I care about you and will support you, always. I will free up time to be with you and not be with you when I am free

Commitment is dedicating yourself to someone. Communicating Commitment sounds like “We are in this together no matter what. We would not walk away but work toward finding a solution to this problem together”.

Vulnerability is being comfortable with being open about your weakness to someone. Communicating Vulnerability sounds like “I don’t know what to do and I am scared. I need you, help me, hold my hands. I can’t do it alone.”

How do you communicate trust, commitment and vulnerability with the other person? The way you Communicate will either destroy or strengthen the relationship.

Where there is no Trust communicated, Commitment and Vulnerability communication is impossible.

Likewise, how you receive the communication of trust, commitment and vulnerability, of the other person, could also either destroy or build the relationship. If you deny the disrespect their trust or you dishonor their commitment to you or you use their vulnerability against them, you are destroying the relationship.

Are you building or destroying your relationship?

Next I will be writing on the types of communication.


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