The Awakening 3

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Being confronted with the turmoil inside the mind, I am suggesting the following four steps to help overturn some tables, purging the mind of the buying and selling, and reawakening the mind to love.

  1. Observation. Simply identify each thought within, without judging it good or bad, right or wrong. Ask the question “What am I thinking about?”  Write each thought down.
  2. Sorting Out. For each identified thought, ask the following questions, and write your answers
    1. “How am I thinking about it?”  This is a clear description of your thought.
    2. “Why am I thinking about it?” This is your reason for thinking about it
    3. “Is what I am thinking about improving or diminishing my well-being?”
      1. Place the symbol “↑” on those that improve your well-being
      2. Place the symbol “↓” on all those that diminish, your well-being
  3. Letting go. For all those that diminish your well-being, let them go. Letting go is admitting and accepting the thought is no good for you. Why would you want to continue to accommodate thought that make you sad, angry or have negative emotion? Be willing to let go and release them from your thought cycle.
  4. Appreciation. What’s left are those that you believe, improve your well-being. Now begin to appreciate them with words of thanksgiving. Think of ways to improve your thought.

When you begin to appreciate what improves your well-being, you will become stronger and courageous. You will begin to see how you are blessed (healed) to be a blessing (healer). Those that need to be healed by and through you, will begin to find you. You will soon discover yourself doing what you love and loving what you do. As you appreciate yourself, you will attract, those who will appreciate you too and resources that would help improve your well-being. You will be strengthened to the point that you are able to neutralize the noise of things that diminish your well-being.

You could apply the four steps to your thought on life as it applies to health, career, finances, relationships, possessions etc. You maybe surprised at the answers and healing that your will experience. Share you comments with me too.

You are blessed and highly favored.


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