To Forgive and Forget

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4give4getTo forgive a person that hurt you and forget the hurt, is not just a gift of love to the person, but it is enormously beneficial to your personal well-being. To forgive and forget is a choice that you will have to make by yourself. Activating the thoughts of forgiveness, sets you on a path of soul healing. You do understand that when you forgive, you have made a choice to cease having resentment against someone or thing that hurt you. When you forget you have made a choice to cease thinking of someone or thing that hurt you. It all starts with a thought. Your thoughts are unspoken words and your words are spoken thoughts. What are you thinking?

Your words are powerful. They are creative. The words you speak, are messengers to the world, they would not return to you, until they have accomplished all that you have sent them to do. The word “I”, is the most powerful word in the English language. It refers to one person,YOU, your true essence. When you use the word “I”, you are calling on the creative you and describing your reality. The words you attach to “I”, will be sent out to activate reason to confirm your message and return with your created reality.

I believe you understand the principle of sowing and reaping. Whatever you sow, in a fertile garden, will grow and you will reap. Imagine that a virgin fertile garden as the word “I” and the words attached, as seeds.  Now understand, your garden helps nourish the seeds by activating everything required for its growth and you eventually reap your reality. When you say “I will forgive”, you are sowing seeds of forgiveness in your garden. Your garden will help  activate everything to help you nourish forgiveness and you reap forgiveness in your reality. When you say “I can never forget”, you sow “never forget” seeds. Your garden will activate everything to help you to never forget, and you reap every reason to “never forget” in your reality.

Imagine what your garden would look like when you say “ I can forgive, but never forget”. Like Jesus taught, your garden will be full of wheat and tares, flowers and weeds. Your reality will be ups and downs. You will be emotionally unbalanced or unstable, which is a drain on your well-being. The time has come for you to do some gardening, in your life. I came across the article How to forgive and forget and  it is a good start for those interested in overcoming hurt of the soul.

You are blessed and highly favored.


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